Andreas is heading the department „Data Science“, dealing with a systematic approach to topics related to data (Why, What, When, Where, Who, Which, How). His research interest is empirically-based and data-driven decision support where he has published several papers in Journals and Conferences. More recently, Andreas focuses his work on business value of data-driven innovation (incl. Artificial Intelligence). His main research question is how to engineer AI-based systems with guaranteed qualities such as trustworthyness that support humanity to survive without compromising individual freedon.
From a research perspective he is specifically interested in the detection of patterns and in particular deviations from those and the trustworthiness of the results.

He co-authored a German patent on „Verfahren zur unaufdringlichen Überwachung einer Person und System zur Durchführung des Verfahrens“. His most cited work is on „guidelines for reporting controlled experiments in software engineering“. The guidelines provide one starting point for the adoption of the evidence-based SE paradigm.

Dr. Jedlitschka is member several Program Committees (e.g., ESEM, PROFES) and served as a Program Co-Chair of ESEM 2016 and as the General Chair of PROFES2013 and PROFES2023. He represents Fraunhofer IESE in the International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN) and is life-time member of the steeting committee. In projects with industry and under European FP5 (ESERNET), FP6 (EMERGE, VIDE, ReDSeeDS), FP7 (OASIS, AALIANCE, MUNDUS) and H2020 (Q-Rapids) he had/has leading roles.

Andreas was lecturer for „Empirical Model building and Methods“ at the university of Kaiserslautern, further he is regularly giving talks on big data and artificial intelligence.
Andreas Jedlitschka received his M.S. degree (Diplom, 1994) and PhD (Dr.-Ing., 2009) in Computer Science from the University of Kaiserslautern. After working seven years as an IT-consultant at Voss&Kamb und Partner GmbH he joined Fraunhofer IESE in 2000 where he started as project manager and scientist.